Difficulty Sleeping? Maybe you have got Sleep Apnea or Anxiety

December 2nd, 2010

Medical Conditions like Sleep Apnea and Anxiety can Keep You from Getting a fantastic Night’s Sleep

Did you’ve a fine night of sleep last night? Many Americans didn’t. It is partially due to our lifestyles. Americans are a few of the busiest people on the earth. Waking up early for work, combined with staying up late, ends up in less sleep for the typical American. There are other reasons people aren’t sleeping well, however. There are lots of medical conditions which may end up in a decreased quality of sleep.

Sleep Apnea Disrupts Sleep

One such medical condition which is able to contribute to poor sleep is sleep apnea. Nearly all people with sleep apnea never know they’ve it until they’re diagnosed. It is because sleep apnea only affects people while they’re sleeping. The unwanted side effects of poor sleep, however, carry over within the waking hours.

People with sleep apnea have trouble sleeping because the soft tissue behind their throat relaxes during sleep and blocks the airway. This causes the person to wake up frequently through the night, and never get an entire night of restful sleep.

There are several treatments for sleep apnea, but the most efficient results come from physical treatment. This physical treatment is handled by machines like the C-PAP machine, which continually circulates air through someone’s airways. A C-PAP machine contains a compressor which circulates the air, and a nap apnea mask which attaches to the person’s face.

One problem with C-PAP machines is that which will help, they have to be used every night. Also, some people find the mask that includes the unit to be uncomfortable. Fortunately there are alternative c-pap masks available. This sort of options makes it easier for someone in finding a mask they find comfortable.

Anxiety May also Disrupt Sleep

Another factor which may end up in poor sleep is anxiety. Anxiety can play a large role in the case of falling asleep. Anxiety may relax in when someone wakes up in the course of the night.

Anxiety treatments vary from patient to patient. Some patients might possibly be best treated by anti-anxiety medication, whereas other might respond better to medication that will put them to sleep. Some patients can be better off without any medication, focusing solely on mental conditioning to help in falling asleep.

You Deserve an awesome Night’s Sleep

If you might be getting to bed at an inexpensive time but still feel tired all day, you must tell your doctor. You may have an easily solved medical condition that’s stealing your sleep.