Managing Sleep Apnea with Alternative Treatments

October 31st, 2010

Not everyone likes traditional medicine. They feel a more natural solution is healthier for the body. Some people with sleep apnea seek alternative treatments in place of CPAP or surgery. Homeopathic medicine, yoga, and acupuncture are just some alternative treatments available.

As with every treatment for a medical condition, caution ought to be taken when participating and always get a second opinion if something doesn’t seen right.

Homeopathic medications are all natural, not synthetic chemicals. These are regarded as healthier than laboratory created medicine. Regardless of natural remedies, certain medications are appropriate for some people, but not others. Homeopaths are trained to assess the entire person and treat accordingly with the perfect remedy.

Some sleep apnea alternative treatments and homeopathic remedies include; Sambucus for difficulty breathing or asthma at night, Sulfur for sleep issues and disturbances involving chronic conditions, Opium for those people needing more energy throughout the day to stay up, and Arsenicum Album for breathing conditions that get worse at night. There are other medications homeopaths may prescribe counting on individual needs.

Yoga techniques target the full body, striving for balance. It involves the mind, spirit, and body and creates a more healthy you with peace and harmony. Lots of the yoga breathing techniques can improve evening breathing problems.

The science of breathing, Pranayama, stresses the importance of proper breathing in our everyday lives. It also claims that what we consciously learn through the day might be remembered while sleeping. We will effectively train ourselves to breathe better in sleep.

Between January 2002 and August 2004 at the Sleep Division, Universidade Federal de Sao Paulo (UNIFESP), Sao Paulo, SP, Brazil, a study was held to assess the advantages of acupuncture in sleep apnea patients. Surprisingly, it was found that acupuncture significantly decreased apneic events inside the test group and not the control group.

These findings were against what traditional scientists and doctors assumed they might be. Based on the consequences of this study, acupuncture looks a safe sleep apnea alternative treatment.

Patients with sleep apnea want alternative treatments for plenty of different reasons. Some need a more natural treatment plan, others are seeking a cure out of desperation.

Something that are meant to be kept in mind while are searching for an alternate remedy is that sleep apnea is additionally deadly. No alternative treatment can make you start breathing again if death occurs. The good course of action could be to check out alternative medicine while complying with the CPAP and then slowly try and wean off of the positive pressure machine.

Several sleep apnea alternative treatments are acceptable, some are questionable, and lots rely upon the person. Not all treatments work for everyone. When in quest of natural remedies, you’ll want to ensure ongoing health during your search.

Always consult your doctor before beginning any treatment plan. Even supposing attempts at natural healing do not improve your sleep apnea, most alternative treatments will improve your mental health.