The Sleep Apnea Pillow – All You’ll be able to Ever Need

December 23rd, 2010

Have you tried the sleep apnea pillow? You could have used every conventional sleep apnea treatment there is, and you’ll be sick and bored with the disappointing results. The reason is the pillow is worth a re-examination.

More and more those that suffer from obstructive sleep apnea are unsatisfied with the effects of conventional methods of treatment. Yes, these treatments are capable of treating the condition, but leave you with other health problems. For this reason an alternate is needed.

In addition, these conventional treatments are expensive. You could easily spend thousands of hard earned dollars, to only prove with unsatisfactory results. In today’s unstable economy, you’ll want a reasonable and effective alternative.

Addressing The foundation Cause

What is the foundation explanation for these symptoms? There are various factors that contribute to these symptoms, but the foundation cause is the airways obstruction. Lying down to your back promotes the occurrence of these symptoms, that’s why lying to your back is not advisable.

However, it’ll be difficult to manage your sleeping position while you sleep. It really is something you don’t have any control of. That is where the sleep apnea pillow comes in.

This pillow prevents you from sleeping to your back. In doing so, it prevents the indicators from ever occurring.

How It Works

The sleep apnea pillow is specifically designed to counter the consequences of obstructive sleep apnea. One of the most effective types of sleep apnea treatment available.

This is how the pillow works:

Designed and shaped to smoothly go together with the contours of the human head, neck, and shoulders Well designed to cater to most anatomical variables Supports the top, neck, and shoulders Evenly distributes the pressure on the said areas Relives these areas of strain Promotes probably the most comfortable sleeping position Comfortably forces you sleep to your side Prevents you from sleeping to your back Prevents the conditions symptoms, which includes snoring Eliminates airway obstruction Comfortable to take advantage of in varied sleeping positions Doesn’t have negative negative effects to the body Makes you sleep soundly

This pillow has your complete qualities of an exceptional method of treatment. That is highly effective in going through the conditions symptoms. It doesn’t have any risks to health. The most efficient valuable thing is this can be a fraction of the preferred method’s price.

5 Stuff you MUST Find out about Sleep Apnea Surgery

December 22nd, 2010

Sleep apnea surgery is likely one of the most controversial subjects in sleep medicine. There are heated debates throughout the sleep community in addition as in online forums and support groups. Sleep apnea surgery is well not for everyone, for some, it’s a life-changing experience.

Here are 5 important issues it’s good to comprehend before considering any kind of sleep apnea surgery:

1. Does sleep apnea surgery work?

Yes, but only when done properly. Much like with CPAP or dental devices, while you don’t use it properly or use it at all, it won’t work.

One of the most typical misconceptions about sleep apnea surgery is the relatively low success rate of the uvulopalatopharyngoplasty (UPPP) procedure, that is often quoted at 40%. But performing this operation is like bypassing just one blocked heart vessel if you have 3 other vessels which might be blocked. For some strange reason, ENTs are overly captivated with the soft palate, since it’s where snoring usually comes from and we have now essentially the mostsome of the most research and procedures for the soft palate.

We now know that in case you address the total upper airway together (nose, soft palate, tongue), then your success rates are a lot better, approaching 80%. Why only 80%? There’s only so much which you could do with the soft tissues inside the small space within smaller jaws (that is the key anatomic explanation for sleep apnea). The more aggressive you might be, the higher the success rate, but the more chance of pain and complications.

If you go to the following level and enlarge your jaws (upper and lower), then success rates can reach 90 to 95%.

To put things into perspective, in the event you bypassed everything with a tracheotomy (placing a breathing tube below your voice box), then you definately’ll have a 100% ” cure” , but obviously, this is often not a extremely practical option.

One question you’ll want to ask then, is, what’s the meaning of success? In surgery, one common definition is that the general AHI (apnea hypopnea index) on a formal sleep study drops greater than 50% of the original and the overall number needs to be not up to 20. One of many main criticisms of sleep apnea surgery is that despite the fact that ” successful” , one can still have mild sleep apnea. Surgeons will argue that it’s better than not using CPAP at all.

2. Not All Surgeries Are The Same

There are probably dozens of procedures for sleep apnea from various nasal, soft palate and tongue operations to skeletal framework procedures. These can range from minimally invasive to major surgery. The difficulty is that by definition, they’ll all work to a definite degree. As an example, procedures for a stuffy nose were shown to ” cure” sleep apnea in 10% of patients. But one of the most part, none of these options by themselves have first-class success rates.

The secret is to check the upper airway for each individual and determine where the obstruction is and shelter it simultaneously. Plenty of people have multiple area of obstruction. Surgeons at Stanford have about a 75 to 80% success rate with soft palate and tongue base procedures. This is often called multi-level surgery for sleep apnea. You need to inspect the airway from the end of the nose all of the option to the voice box.

3. There’s No Cure for Sleep Apnea

Unless we all undergo tracheotomies, there’s no strategy to prevent breathing pauses at night. Modern humans’ upper airway anatomy is known to be predisposed to breathing problems at night, which only gets worse as we age. I discuss why this problem has gotten much worse lately in my book, Sleep, Interrupted. All people are on a continuum, where various factors (anatomy, age, weight, inflammation, etc.) contribute to forces that make our tongues and palates to collapse. The older we get, we’ll either gain weight, which narrows our breathing passageways, or our throat tissues will sag and collapse easier.

Surgery will shift the line of this continuum downwards, however won’t bring it down completely. This is the reason it’s important to incorporate a healthy diet and lifestyle and exercise regimen into any sleep apnea treatment regimen.

For nearly all people, lowering the numbers significantly will make you’re feeling significantly better. But sometimes, the numbers will go down dramatically, but you are able to not feel any better. This just goes to indicate that there could be other issues besides sleep apnea that must be addressed. You’ve had sleep apnea for years or decades. Just by fixing your sleep apnea won’t immediately fix problems that may arise from sleep apnea, comparable to hormonal problems, weight gain, or memory problems and brain fog.

4. Surgery is the Last Resort, But Don’t Rule It Out

Admittedly, there are a lot folks that rush to surgery prematurely, but there are also many others that aren’t even offered surgery as a result of misconceptions by physicians. There are also many patients which are turned off by the whole conflicting information that’s available on the net.

Before you even consider surgery, make sure to’ve tried or considered all of the other options thoroughly. Plenty of people who fail CPAP accomplish that attributable to poor counseling, support and followup by the medical system. Much like everything else with life, your probabilities of success is dependent upon which doctors you notice. The follow-up and support offered by  your CPAP equipment vendor also can play a vital role in whether or not you’ll take advantage of CPAP. A similar issues also apply with dental devices for sleep apnea.

This is why it’s important to coach yourself about the complete healing procedures, and not to present up too easily. Too many folk stop at this point, and don’t consider any longer treatments. Surround yourself with a set of trusted doctors and professionals that forms a team. Use their expertise and guidance to search out how to make things work. If nothing works for you, don’t rule out surgery just for the sake of avoiding surgery. Learn and educate yourself about surgery before rejecting it.

5. The right way to Find the best Surgeon

Finding the correct surgeon in your sleep apnea condition could be challenging. Everyone claims to concentrate on snoring and sleep apnea surgery. Who are you to believe?

First of all, find someone who’s comfortable performing quite a lot of procedures in all of the three areas of the upper airway (nose, soft palate and tongue). Are they accustomed to the minimally invasive procedures in addition as the common-or-garden options? No everyone might be a professional at the complete procedures, but it’s important to grasp about the entire other options in addition in addition as to make appropriate referrals when necessary.

There are a number of ” minimally invasive” procedures obtainable, especially for the soft palate, but these procedures must be offered very selectively. Even supposing successful initially, is your surgeon prepared for relapsed which might be likely years later? Is the goal of surgery only to cover up the snoring, or will it treat the underlying anatomic causes?

If your surgeon recommends palatal surgery ” simply to see,” without addressing the total upper airway from the nose to the tongue, go for a second opinion. When you do decide to undergo a palatal procedure (with or without tonsillectomy), be prepared for a 60% failure rate, this means that the tongue needed to be addressed in addition. Sometimes, more should be done to the soft palate or the nose needs to be addressed. People are different, and the treatment recommendations need to be tailored to the individual.

Lobelia: The Option to Sleep Apnea?

December 21st, 2010

Sleep Apnea sufferers tend to be given only some options for treating their condition. Usually, these are CPAP machines, surgery, and dear therapy or massive lifestyle changes. However, there is another choice that sleep apnea patients must be aware about.

Lobelia is an herb used by Native Americans to treat respiratory and muscle disorders. In addition they used it as a purgative – but we will be able to get to that later. Lobelia has been clinically proven to calm and regulate anyone’s breathing, creating a powerful, steady breathing pattern. Sleep apnea is a disorder where breathing during sleep is interrupted for ten seconds or more not less than five times an hour through the sleep cycle. Lobelia, at the side of several other herbs, encourages the brain to repeatedly and frequently send the ” breathe” signal to the diaphragm.

Lobelia just isn’t all smiles, though, and Native Americans knew this. They knew that the herb was a relaxant, but additionally they knew that once they were sick, lobelia would clear their stomach. By mixing lobelia with several other herbs, including Meadowsweet, a herbal treatment is also created that won’t only treat sleep apnea directly, but remove any ill effects that lobelia would have had by itself.

Using lobelia for sleep apnea treatment is a well proven concept. In effect, this can be a sleep apnea cure for the weary. In not up to thirty minutes, the correct mixture of herbs can treat sleep apnea to guarantee an even night’s sleep.

Fortunately for many who shouldn’t have access to herbariums and don’t know tips to mix herbs and ingest them properly, one company inside the United states of america is offering this herbal sleep apnea treatment in capsule form. Nature’s Rite Remedies, based in Colorado, has shipped thousands of orders of Sleep Apnea Relief, their premier sleep apnea treatment. Focusing on herbal remedies for diverse ailments, Nature’s Rite guarantees their product. Lots of their regular customers started as wary investigators, but now swear by it.

Lobelia for sleep apnea is a reasonably well-kept secret. Treatment for sleep apnea is a huge market, and those offering CPAP machines and doctor’s offices that have opportunity for financial gain by encouraging surgery are not possible to inform their patients and customers in regards to the benefits of a natural sleep apnea treatment. That’s lesson number 1 with regards to your health lately: be told.

Sleep Apnea Treatment – Snoring Aids

December 20th, 2010

When it comes to sleep apnea treatment, most of the people who are diagnosed with this condition see it as a nightmare of treatment events. First there are studies which are usually performed at sleep clinics which are arising all around the country and price a stunning penny to should battle through. If the person is diagnosed with sleep apnea, which basically implies that they don’t seem to be breathing properly at night and it’s causing them to snore, then they’re given traditional sleep apnea treatment. These snoring aids include machines to observe sleep and heavy masks which can prohibit movement when the person is making an attempt to sleep. As a result of intrusiveness, expense and discomfort of these snoring aids, many folks who have sleep apnea just say to heck wit the sleep apnea treatment and just continue snoring.

This is a shame because snoring not only disturbs the person that is doing the snoring, as they’re really not getting well rested, but it surely also greatly disturbs their partner. There are actual cases of marriages breaking up because one of the most parties is snoring.  Snoring may be so intrusive and annoying to the person that is making an attempt to get to sleep with someone who is snoring that they move into another bedroom on in drastic cases, out of the house.  There are snoring aids that could help this condition which will not only help keep people together, but in addition help the person that has sleep apnea get the suitable sleep apnea treatment.

Sleep apnea treatment is predicated once you have the person to breathe correctly after they are asleep. There isn’t a reason behind the sleep aid mask to be heavy or uncomfortable to be able to do that. Snoring aids work best once they are comfortable for the wearer and allow them freedom of movement. There are snoring aids which are that you can buy that work well relating to sleep apnea treatment and in reality get someone to prevent snoring without needing to move in the course of the expense and discomfort of using the machines which might be often prescribed for sleep apnea. People who are diagnosed with sleep apnea or just have trouble snoring at night can use snoring aids with a view to get them to breathe properly as they’re sleeping and forestall them from snoring while they’re sleeping. These snoring aids aren’t expensive and may easily be purchased right online rather than having to move to a health care provider or a snooze clinic so that it will obtain them. They actually work to forestall snoring and are the precise remedy for those that affected by snoring or sleep apnea. Both partners might be happy when snoring aids are used to get someone to forestall snoring at night once they are sleeping. The person that is snoring will wake up feeling rested and the partner shall be ready to get to sleep without needing to go to another room or must constantly keep shaking someone who is doing the snoring when the proper snoring aids are used.