Sleep Apnea – Symptoms And Effects

December 27th, 2010

Unsatisfied with standard medical sleep apnea treatments which treat symptoms as opposed to curing the condition to hand, a growing number of individuals are on the search for alternative cures for the condition. While everyone knows those with sleep apnea snore quite heavily, snoring alone is just not enough for a snooze apnea diagnosis. So, how do you establish once you or someone you like just has this condition?

Only a physician can do the actual diagnosis, but there are some common symptoms you can use to make your mind up whether you have to see a health care provider for an official diagnosis.

Symptoms of Sleep Apnea in Women / Men

One very common symptom of sleep apnea is a pause in breathing through the night. It appears the person is snoring along quite happily, then it’s as if they hold their breath for a moment then continue snoring. During these moments a friend might hope they have got stopped snoring and they will finally nod off, but it surely is de facto just a moment where the sleep apnea sufferer has stopped breathing momentarily.

Another big symptom is a choking sound in the middle of the snoring. It sounds similar to they’re gasping for air, and in reality the body is desperately fighting to breathe normally. The choking noises are frequently accompanied by moments of pause where breathing has stopped. Profuse sweating throughout the night is another common sign of sleep apnea.

It could be very scary to sleep next to someone who has sleep apnea if you realize what the loud noises they’re making actually mean. The question of when the choking sound will result in death or when the pause in snoring will cause them never breathing again is often behind your mind.

While this will result in the loss of sleep for others sleeping inside the same bed as someone with sleep apnea, there are some very real negative effects of the condition for the sufferer in addition. Most will wake up feeling as if they have got not rested at all, despite being asleep for adequate amounts of time for standard restoration. For the reason that the body is absolutely not in a position to rest and recharge properly when it truly is continually fighting for each next breath and seeking to handle snoring all night long.

Many sufferers will routinely give attention to headaches within the morning and general lack of concentration. They’re irritable and have quite a few problems getting in the course of the day mentally. Medically, they’re handling high blood pressure and regular heartburn.

It can also be common for those with this condition to be morbidly obese, that is a primary explanation for sleep apnea. For these sufferers, snoring and other sleep disorders are an aspect effect of their weight and they may be likely suffering other physical consequences in addition. Weight reduction can be a good cure for sleep apnea in many of us, nevertheless it isn’t a cure-thinking about everyone.

More and more individuals are now in search of alternative cures for sleep apnea, and they’re finding that some alternative treatments are actually delivering more satisfactory results than just being put on a CPAP machine or taking medication to stay up throughout the day. In the event you notice any of these sleep apnea symptoms in someone you’re keen on or are suffering with the unwanted effects of the condition yourself, searching out better sleep apnea treatments must be considered.