Soft Palette Revision for Sleep Apnea

November 29th, 2010

Soft palette revision is a kind of surgical operation which is sometimes used to lessen the indications of sleep apnea.

Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) is incredibly personal. Every person has several of their own factors that lead up to OSA. The justifications vary greatly, but there looks a cure for just about every cause.

People littered with sleep apnea have many therapies available along with invasive and non-invasive options. The challenge is finding the proper treatment. Every one must address factors contributing to someone’s individual disorder.

Soft palate surgeries have become highly regarded and might help tremendously. After healing from soft palate revisions targeting sleep apnea, external appliance use corresponding to CPAP or mouth guards could be unnecessary for plenty of people.

The soft palette contributes to OSA in different people. When somebody breathes, the uvula and soft palate gently vibrate. In OSA, they accomplish that to a far higher degree causing loud snoring.

Sometimes the explanation for the snoring is because the soft palate is just too big as a result of anatomy. Other times tissue becomes big from excessive vibrating which causes ” trauma” and swelling.

When the soft palate is over sized, it will possibly partially or completely block the airway. This ends up in OSA. The treatment plans for this particular reason for OSA are usually surgical in nature, the preferred being surgeries to minimize the scale of the soft palette. Soft palate revisions for sleep apnea seem to have good outcomes after they are performed on patients that basically need it.

LAUP – Laser assisted Uvulopalatoplasty, removes extra tissue from the uvula and soft palate with a laser over the course of several appointments until snoring has been decreased or no more tissue shall be removed. This is done in most offices under an area anesthesia.

Somnoplasty has basically an identical outcome, removal of extra tissue, as LAUP, but radio frequency reduction methods are used in place of lasers. The tissue is burned away, by high radio frequencies, then the body absorbs to dead tissue through the years. This procedure might be done several times until the required outcome has been achieved or no more tissue will likely be safely removed. Patients report this system is less painful than LAUP.

Other soft palate revisions used for sleep apnea are the palate stiffening procedures. Most of these surgeries involve creating scar tissue so that you can function as rigid splints. Another stiffening surgery uses implants to create firmness of the soft palate which should keep it from collapsing during sleep. The implants are synthetic fibers which can be placed midline to, and parallel to the midline of, the soft palate.

Three implant are inserted with a hollow needle under an area anesthesia. They may be removed with relative ease if necessary.

Soft palate revisions used for treatment of sleep apnea are minor surgeries and are mostly effective. In cases where they haven’t been successful in alleviating sleep apnea symptoms, it has been either because there had been other causes in conjunction with the oversized soft palate or the soft palate hasn’t been the explanation for the obstruction.

The importance of a very good investigative doctor well experienced in sleep apnea can not be stressed enough when considering body altering surgeries involving the mouth and airway.