What is Sleep Apnea?

October 3rd, 2010

Sleep apnea is a condition where an individual stops breathing while sleeping. This condition may be because of several different things and is typically diagnosed through a snooze clinic study. There are also several treatments for anyone with sleep apnea. Living with sleep apnea shall be scary, but once an individual gets diagnosed they ought to be ready to find a treatment that permits them to get on with their life and sleep normal over again.

In anyone with sleep apnea the airway is additionally blocked by tissue, tonsils, the tongue or muscles collapsing. When somebody is tormented by sleep apnea they’ll usually not know. People may notice it after they are sleeping and wake the person or tell them they were snoring or making funny noises once they were sleeping.

The indications of sleep apnea tend to be extreme tiredness even after what seems a decent nights sleep. The reason is once someone stops breathing they’re woken up out of the deep sleep. They never really do get to enjoy the deep sleep this is necessary for an outstanding nights rest. They could also snore, have headaches upon waking up, have a dry mouth and have mood changes.

Sleep apnea can also be very dangerous, so it’s vital that if someone suspects they could suffer from it that they seek medical help as soon as possible. Sleep apnea may end up in heart disease, stroke and impotence. a health care provider will administer a nap test either in a clinic or for the person to do at home. This test will measure the oxygen levels inside the person’s blood, in addition as their sleep patterns.

Once someone is diagnosed with sleep apnea the doctor will usually start to work out why exactly the condition is present. The reason behind the sleep apnea will usually dictate the treatment. Sometimes if anyone loses weight or changes sleeping positions they’ll stop their sleep apnea. There are also medical devices like mouth guards, that may be used. For instance, a C-PAP is a machine it truly is often used to treat sleep apnea. It blows air into the person’s nose and keeps the airway open. Often times where the cause is a physical deformity, surgery could be a good idea.

Sleep apnea is kind of easy to treat once someone is diagnosed. The diagnosis will be the hardest section of handling sleep apnea, since somebody is often unaware they’re even having problems. However, if someone experiences any of the indicators of sleep apnea they ought to see their doctor and get tested. Letting the condition go without treatment may well be fatal, so any suspicion have to be checked out.