Zzoma Positional Sleeper

September 30th, 2010

 Zzoma Positional Sleeper

Zzoma was developed by board-certified sleep physicians who had grown frustrated by the lack of effective solutions to common sleeping problems, such as snoring and sleep apnea.

Clinical studies have shown that supine sleeping is a major contributor to snoring and sleep apnea. Sleep Specialists developed the Zzoma Positional Sleeper as an effective solution to preventing supine (back) sleeping, thereby reducing or eliminating snoring.

Zzoma is comfortable,highly effective, and easy to use.

Zzoma eliminates snoring by eliminating on-the-back-sleep (supine)
Zzoma eliminated on-the-back(supine) sleep and snoring in all patients in a large clinical trial
Zzoma was developd by board certified sleep physicians